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Mar. 27th, 2010



Plottyness goes heeeeereeeeeeeee. Want to involve namine in your schemes? Here's the place to do it!

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Feedback on how I play Nami. Feel free to give pointers, compliments or constructive criticism ^_^

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School Info : Classes, Relationships

Health Education
Time Theory and Practice
RelationshipsCollapse )

Character Info and Permissions

Name: Dee
Main Journal: doujinwave
Contact: Aim StitchInTheWater
Characters in Powers: Luxord, Namine

Name: Namine
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Ability: Ability to manipulate memories. She does not have the ability to erase memories, but she does have the ability to create new ones or to rearrange existing ones. Unfortunately, forging new memories requires time (sometimes from days to even weeks, depending on the power and clarity of the memory), effort and the assistance of her sketchbook. She’s much too kindhearted to deliberately use it on anyone, and the cases thus far have mostly been complete accidents. In fact, with her powers currently in their infancy, her lapses of control tend to affect peoples memories in minor and temporary (often very humorous) ways.

Ability Notes: Memory alterations of other characters will always be done with your permission, your voluntary offering or with a warning. Most of the time she's very stable with her powers. Still, like with Hatori, it'd be best to post permissions of your characters should it come up in the future.

Position: Student - 1st Year
Canon Resource Link: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Namin%C3%A9

History: Namine lived a warm, sheltered life with her mother and father in Cyril. She had no powers to speak of, and lived a rather happy life without them. Unfortunately, at the age of 14, her powers began to manifest and it affected those closest to her. Friends and family would find it harder and harder to remember certain moments in their past, while suddenly being able to recall memories that never happened. Sometimes when Namine’s powers would fluctuate, entire sets of their memories would be created, shifted, or forgotten.

Afraid that the damage would become irreversible if she exposed them to her powers too long, she gathered her things, and set off to find someone or something that would curb the effects of her powers. Being too young to understand how to properly take care of herself, she quickly became dependent on the kindness of strangers. That was when she ran into a group of children who had previously been in a similar situation. More specifically, she was found by the children with Xemnas. Realizing her potential, Xemnas took her in, promising to help her to control her powers.

To her relief, the training and guidance of the older children allowed her to reach a competent level of control . She could even interact regularly with her peers without affecting them. She stayed at the mansion for some time, connecting with some children (even helping to preserve or clarify memories for ones kind to her), being distant with the majority and being harassed by a few. After the end of her time there, Marluxia and Larxene took it upon themselves to personally oversee and care for her development. Unfortunately for Namine, their intentions were far from altruistic and she engaged in some unethical practices and manipulations during that time, including the memory manipulations of key individuals.

At the peak of her tolerance, Namine received a letter inviting her to join Estrasia academy. She accepted right away, not only hoping to one day reverse the damage she caused to her friends and family, but to also make up for the things done when under the influence of Marluxia and Larxene. She eventually fixed a few of her mistakes, including Sora's memory, before departing for Estrasia.

Namine’s friends and family are in good health, and she still keeps in contact with those who still hold her in good regard. In the wake of the power lapses, her parents live normal, full lives, just without full memories of Namine. She doesn’t intend to return until she has the full control to set things right.

Personality: Namine is initially a shy and withdrawn young woman, partially due to the environment she grew up in (at Xemnas’s mansion). To most people she is a quiet observer, someone who tends not to speak unless spoken to or unless the other person seems approachable enough. To those she holds close, Namine shows her true personality: a very warm, caring individual. At times, she can be described as motherly and nurturing. When Namine feels comfortable around a person, she can even be teasing and quick witted. Luckily, after more time at Estrasia, she's been able to show more of the latter than the former.

Namine is very mature for her age, a direct result of the nature of her powers. As someone who’s handled memories, she’s seen entire lifetimes of experience. It’s something that allows her rare insight into life that other teenagers her age won’t learn for years. Unfortunately, she is still both physically and emotionally a child. It shows in the way that she distances herself from others, in the way that she can offer insight to others but cannot fix her own problems, even in the way that she views herself. She has low self esteem, and it often falls to her companions or kind strangers to defend her against verbal or physical abuse.

Namine rarely ever acts in her own interest. What Namine lacks in self esteem, she can easily make up for in inner strength. In the defense of others, she becomes determined and steadfast. When someone she believes she can help is suffering, or when someone close to her experiences a problem she may have a solution to, they can count on Namine to quietly weather the storm at their side.

Namine is not a vengeful young woman, and hates to use her powers for anything malicious. Though her powers can easily mislead or change others opinions to match her own (as she was forced to do in her time with Maluxia and Larxene), she holds memories too high in regard to ever abuse the ability to unjust ends. She carries a heavy amount of guilt from her time with Larxene and Marluxia, and always thinks twice about the consequences of using her powers. On the other hand, if the situation is absolutely dire, and the need for her powers is great enough, she is prepared to do what she must to set things right for the greater good.

She is often seen by herself, drawing in her sketchbook and observing others. It is both a great escape and a way to surround herself with color.

♚ the basics
Grade or Class Taught:

♛ in depth
Personality: See background above.
Canon Background: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Namin%C3%A9
AU Background: See above profile
Appearance: Small, short young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a simple white dress and blue sandals with a yellow flower as the only accent of color.

♜ permissions
Injuring/Maiming: Yes- Namine is a small girl. It's highly likely in fact.
Killing: With permission.
Hugging, Kissing, etc.: Yes
Deaging, Genderswapping, etc.: Yes
Mindreading: Yes, and she's likely thinking about drawing, finding a place to be on her own, or maybe thinking of doing something nice for a friend.

Apr. 5th, 2007


(no subject)

It happened. AGAIN. Mansex's portalling spree has landed us on a new world and it's dark and scary and creepy little things that jump out and try to scare the crayons out of everyone.

The others must have landed somewhere else, because I was the only one to wake up in the courtyard with the funny green well and that weird vent that puffs green smoke and... I really have to keep away from those pumpkins.

Hope Roxas is okay. The others too.

Larxene and Saix are still on the prowl and there's no telling when he or she might come sweeping out from under a carpet to eat my face.... or or oror Xemnas might try to put me on his shoulders again and we'll both get run over by giant bat-faced banshee women that look like the femnazi and and...

Don't like this place.

Oct. 4th, 2006


(no subject)

Roxas and Axel are thoroughly drunk and the only sober ones are me and Pence, who insists on assembling a crew of pirates. The four of us are apparently the selected crew plus Marluxia who seems to find the entire situation far too amusing to stay out of it.

(I keep imagining he'll grab me and put me in another white room for another year...)

And now that we've all left the bar, we're likely headed towards the docks to commandeer a ship. I'm ashamed to admit I'm secretly excited.

... it's really hard not to get into the spirit...


... Kairi managed to get a hold of me sometime ago and dolled me up...Collapse )

Sep. 28th, 2006


(no subject)

Number of times Nami's life has been threatened thus far:

Drunken Xemnas Tram incident
2. Kunai Dodging in Tortugan bar
3. One-Wing'd Swordsman Dodging in same bar
(though the inebriated swordsman was yelling at Roxas about clouds and something or others, and Axel seemed to solve that problem by swiftly closing a door in his face)

... list to be updated as needed...

Sep. 13th, 2006


(no subject)

Oh, this is unbelievable... We can hardly go anywhere without trouble snapping at our heels. Is this what it's like to be in the company of nobodies outside of Castle Oblivion? Does chaos really follow them so completely wherever they go?

Because if the answer is yes, I can see why I'm now in a cramped little bar, being chased by a burly (and very hairy) man I can only liken to an ape. We've been mistaken for friends of someone who caused trouble here before we came(Is it actually possible to swing a sword that long in a place this size? And is it really possible for bangs to be that pointy?)

Better to be hiding in a rowdy bar than to be mauled by Larxene, I guess...

Although this really isn't much better...

Aug. 30th, 2006


(no subject)

The Organization members have found us!

Just when we were about to get the sea-salt ice cream we wanted, we were interrupted (And I really wanted, to finally try it too; You can only eat so much of Diz's Tuna Surprise and spinnach salad before you want something sweet... Bleugh.)

A portal had opened up on the other side of the Starbucks and a squeaky toy came flying out of it straight at me. I caught it, but that's when I realized I'd seen those bite marks before. I managed to get rid of it just before Sai'X came crashing through the portal after it. (The man's always been mad for squeaky toys; they serve as a kind of stress relief when Xemnas forbids him from chewing on anything and everything).

Next thing I know, Larxene comes out of the portal looking furiously angry and I've got a sinking feeling that Axel and I are going to be the first ones she goes after.

... Oh...

To make matters worse, Xemnas is still drunk and he's been portaling us around in random locations, and the whole lot of us have ended up at Port Royale. Before it was just me, Roxas, Axel and Demyx at Twilight Town. Now Sora, Kairi and Riku are here where with us in Port Royale, but Larxene, Saix, and the rest of the Organization have arrived here as well.

Axel used to say that the entire world was a stage and we were just the actors in it. Well all them have been crammed onto one stage and no one wants to share the spotlight. This can't end well at all.

Aug. 21st, 2006


(no subject)

Mansex put me up on his shoulders and nearly got us both run over by the Tram. (He's drunk out of his mind) At least he's finally put me down and passed out. Beautiful, beautiful ground, how I've missed you.


I swear, one of these days I'm going to warp Larxene's memories so bad she'll be convinced she's a smurf.

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